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Rubitherm Technologies GmbH

Imhoffweg 6, 12307 Berlin

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  • 05  Thermal Energy Storage / Power-to-Heat
  • 05.02  Latent Heat Storage

Our products

Product category: Latent Heat Storage

PCM RT-line

Wide-ranging organic PCM for your application
The established PCMs of the RT category are organic materials. They use their melting process from solid to liquid (and vice versa) in order to store and release large amounts of heat in an approximately constant temperature range. Depending on their melting point, a variety of applications at different temperatures can be considered for heat storage.

Due to their purity and specific composition our PCMs show up a remarkable latent heat capacity in narrow temperature ranges. In addition, they are chemically inert and have an unlimited lifetime.

Our RT products are available for a wide temperature range of about -10 °C to 90 °C (14 °F to 194 °F). If you are not able to retrieve the desired temperature for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. PCMs can be produced for almost all temperatures.

For certain temperatures also high capacity RTs (e.g. Rubitherm RT 5 HC) are available. The RTHC products possess a higher latent heat capacity of 25 - 30% compared to classic RT materials and melt in a narrower temperature range. These PCMs are also advantageous in cases in which a limited volume exists.

The PCM materials can be received in the liquid state, as solid blocks, granulate material or flakes.

For any questions concerning our products or for further possible heat storage temperatures please contact our staff. We are looking forward to assisting you.

RT materials are also offered in combination with the compact storage module (CSM) or macroencapsulations.

RT materials are also the basis for our bound or microencapsulated PCMs.

On request more melting point are available!

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Product category: Latent Heat Storage

PCM SP-line

Rubitherm SP products are PCM´s (phase change materials / latent storage media) based on salt water mixtures and additives. Their phase change from solid into liquid and vice versa is used in order to release and store high heat quantities, respectively. Compared to the RT materials their melting temperature is shifted compared to their freezing temperature, however, it amounts only to a temperature difference of 1 K, which is very small. These materials have been created directly at Rubitherm. More information are available here.

Another commonly described problem of inorganic PCM materials is the cycling stability. In order to ensure this stability, we cycle the SP materials in our laboratory, some of them up to10.000 cycles. In this way, we can rule out aging effects.

The SP materials that are produced at Rubitherm are favourably filled into macro-encapsulations and are used for active and passive cooling and heating systems, e.g. for air-conditioning, inroof and wall elements. There is a possibility to fill these materials into our compact storage modules or other macroencapsulations.

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Product category: Latent Heat Storage

Macroencapsulation - Cooling accumulators

customized transport solutions
Storage accumulators that are made out of plastic and filled with PCMs (phase change materials, latent storage media) are applied in the cooling logistics. They enable a passive tempering in transport boxes.
Rubitherm uses its fully automatic plant for the filling-in and sealing of heat storage accumulators which are ordered by the customer. For small batch series, they can be filled in and sealed manually. In both cases, either we use accumulators that have been prepared by our customers or we develop individual shapes and sizes together with our customer.
Basic goal of cooling accumulators that are filled with PCM is the temperature stabilization at a certain level. Depending on the used PCM, the temperature can be chosen for any case.
Amongst others, the use of the RT5 material is the prior art. It is applied for temperature stabilization in the range of +2 up to +8°C (36 to 46°F) which plays a major role in the logistics for pharmaceuticals.
The RT5 possesses a defined melting range which can be used in order to avoid both, overheating and subcooling. For desired temperature stabilization, simply a defined tempering of the accumulators is necessary prior to application. This tempering can be seen as a kind of pre-conditioning, in which the PCM is partially in the liquid and partially in the solid state. The solid and liquid parts of this (partially) molten PCM are capable of absorbing heat and cold and thus postpone overheating and circumvent subcooling, respectively.
There are additionall candidates for the temperature range +2 to 8°C like RT5HC and SP5, a direct comparison are available here.
Thanks to the variety of different melting ranges of our Rubitherm products also other temperature ranges can be stabilized.
An alternative to the rigid cooling accumulators also different solutions for pouches can be offered.

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We offer application oriented PCMs based on your individual specifications.

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