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Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie ISIT

Fraunhoferstr. 1, 25524 Itzehoe
Telephone +49 4821 17-0
Fax +49 4821 174250

This company is co-exhibitor of
Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE

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ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2020 hall map (Hall 1): stand G18

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ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2020 fairground map: Hall 1

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  • 02  Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • 02.01  Batteries
  • 02.01.04  Lithium-Ion

Our products

Product category: Lithium-Ion

Advanced Power Transistors

Development and manufacturing center for silicon and gallium nitride based power semiconductor devices
The ISIT supports the continuing miniaturization of power electronic applications with simultaneous increased power density at the system and device levels and offers the development of components such as application-specific silicon-based PowerMOS transistors, IGBTs and diodes with blocking capabilities of up to 1200V, as well as advanced power transistors and diodes based on Gallium nitride with excellent electrical properties and switching speeds down to the ns range. A particular R&D focus is the application-specific design of the power semiconductors and the development of new device architectures. The Fraunhofer ISIT develops customer-oriented device structures with special pad configurations and special metallization, such as Ni/Au for improved integration concepts. Novel carrier concepts and laser annealing processes are available for thin-wafer handling, enabling customer-specific optimization of static and dynamic parameters while improving the robustness of the devices.
For the system integration of passive components, the Fraunhofer ISIT offers the development of chip capacitors, precision resistors and inductors as well as corresponding chip-level circuits. At the ISIT, the complete development chain from simulation and design to the development of single processes up to complete process lines on 8” manufacturing equipment and numerous testing tools.

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Product category: Lithium-Ion

Power Electronic for Renewable Energy Systems

The Fraunhofer Application Center Powerelectronics for Renewable Energy Systems in Hamburg is a subsidiary of the Fraunhofer Institute of Silicon Technology ISIT in Itzehoe and is in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW). Expertise of the Application Center is in the field of reliability and efficiency analysis for powerelectronic systems in applications of wind and solar energy as well as for e-mobility. New power electronic devices and improved circuit technology are in particular for quick charging and discharging of battery systems for renewable energy systems and e-mobility – e.g. electric aviation – an important challenge. To offer and develop customer tailored solutions, the Application Center has access to the knowledge and know-how of all the departments of the Fraunhofer ISIT such that expertise in adjacent research fields e.g. development of battery system is available. Work is done in the field of reliability analysis e.g. the evaluation and prediction of life-time for power converter. The Application Center develops highly efficient and reliable powerelectronic systems by employing innovative Semiconductors, new packaging technology and advanced control.

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Product category: Lithium-Ion

Battery Systems for Special Applications

Storage for electrical energy is one of the most important components in the transformation of the global energy industry and also plays a central role in many other fields of application such as electromobility, due to its universal applicability.
Current state of the art is the lithium-ion battery. It is available in very different shapes and sizes. However, currently available electrochemical storage devices are perceived as unsatisfactory for many applications in terms of important requirements (energy content, low temperature performance, economy, etc.).
Work is underway worldwide to reduce or even overcome these deficiencies through ongoing optimization of existing systems or through the development of new material combination electrochemical storage devices such as Li / S. The transfer of the new storage concepts thus obtained into industrial production entails great technical and economic challenges.
The group "Battery Systems for Special Applications" of the Fraunhofer ISIT has been active since 1999 in the field of electrochemical energy storage. The manufacturing technology developed at ISIT is characterized by a very high degree of flexibility and is thus an ideal technological platform for the production of prototypes and small series for a wide variety of applications, such as traction and stationary energy storage. Furthermore, there is extensive experience in the up scaling of manufacturing processes and the characterization of cells of different chemistry and design. These competences enable the development of "tailor-made" storage solutions as well as complete systems with the required hardware and software.

ISIT participates in the Fraunhofer research production battery cell, a large project funded by the BMBF with the aim of supporting industrial partners and customers in the implementation of new battery cell concepts and the development of associated manufacturing processes.

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About us

Company details

Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe is one of Europe's most modern research facilities for microelectronics and microsystems technology. The heart of the institute are the cleanroom facilities, big enough to operate not only research projects but also to produce the developed microchips in industrial scale. 160 scientists develop at ISIT in close cooperation with industrial partners power electronic components and microsystems, with fine movable structures for sensors (pressure, movement, biochemical analysis, etc.) and actuators (valves, scanners, micromirrors etc.) including the necessary electronics. These miniaturized components are used in medicine, in the environment - and traffic engineering, communication technology, automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

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