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Enapter GmbH

Rheinhardtstr. 35, 10117 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 258147916

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ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2020 hall map (Hall 8b): stand F18-2

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ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2020 fairground map: Hall 8b


Vaitea Cowan


Berlin, Germany

+49 (0)17686096985


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Chemical Energy Storage / Power-to-Gas
  • 03.01  Hydrogen Production
  • 03.01.01  Electrolysers

Our products

Product category: Electrolysers

Electrolyser Module EL 2.0

Enapter’s patented Anion Exchange Membrane electrolyser requires no noble metals to achieve good performance and lifetime. It also has a simple balance of plant to produce high quality, pressurized hydrogen gas at low cost.

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Product category: Electrolysers

Water Tank Module

Enapter’s Water Tank Module provides 35 litres of clean water to the electrolyser. The water tank is rack mountable into a standard 19” cabinet. The tank can be fed by our Water Purification Module or any other suitable clean water supply. The tank contains a pump system to supply up to 7 units of EL 2.0 with clean water.

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Product category: Electrolysers

Enapter Dryer 2.0

Enapter’s Dryer 2.0 is a hybrid temperature/pressure swing adsorption system that comprises of two cartridges filled with a highly adsorbent material. The dryer is maintenance-free. During operation, one cartridge catches the humidity from the hydrogen gas stream of the electrolyser, while the other cartridge is heated and regenerated. The Dryer 2.0 is rack-mountable in a standard 19” cabinet.

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Product category: Electrolysers

Water Purification System

Enapter electrolysers are highly resilient to water input and can be fed with purified rainwater or tap water. A simple reverse osmosis processes with resin filters can provide the required water quality. The water input to the electrolyser needs to be desalinated and have a conductivity of < 20 μS/cm.

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Product category: Electrolysers


Up to four of our stackable, modular EL 2.0 and one Dryer 2.0 can be integrated in a 19 inch cabinet. Several cabinets can be used to build larger systems.

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Company news




Jan 10, 2020

Schmidt: “Uns geht es um die Dekarbonisierung weltweit”

Berlin/Chiang Mai (energate) – Das Start-up Enapter will die Kosten für die Elektrolyse von Wasserstoff deutlich senken. Das Unternehmen setzt dabei auf eine Serienfertigung und den Verzicht auf teure Komponenten. Geschäftsführer Sebastian-Justus Schmidt spricht im energate-Interview über die Technologie, Anwendungen und den Aufbau einer Produktion in Deutschland.

Energate: Sie versprechen mit Ihrer kompakten Elektrolyse-Technologie, die Kosten für die Elektrolyse deutlich zu senken. Wie gelingt Ihnen das?

Schmidt: Wir werden die Kosten von Wasserstoff in weniger als fünf Jahren auf unter 1,50 Euro pro Kilogramm bringen.... 

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About us

Company details

We work towards a big goal, to reduce the price of hydrogen to 1.5euro/kg by 2025

To do this, we continue to develop our unique AEM technology and begin scaling production to industrial standards. The new Enapter Electrolyser 2.1 has unique characteristics and capabilities poised to disrupt the storage and fuel markets.

To seamlessly integrate our electrolyzers, we develop our own software - an energy management system (EMS) that enables simple, intuitive integration of our product into all sorts of energy systems.

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Company data

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Area of business
  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Chemical energy storage/Power-to-gas
  • Production technologies
Target groups
  • Energy sector (representatives from PV, wind, biomass etc.)
  • Public utility companies
  • Consulting and services
  • Media
  • Enterprises
  • Housing societies