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E3/DC GmbH

Karlstr. 5, 49074 Osnabrück
Telephone +49 541 760268-0
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  • 06.01.01  Storage for Single and Multifamily Homes

Our products

Product category: Storage for Single and Multifamily Homes

S10 E home power station

Become independent from rising electricity costs

The energy market is constantly changing and consumers burdened by unforeseen price increases. The energy storage S10 is your tool for more independence from conservative energy suppliers and their demands.
This PV storage replaces, if necessary and at any time, the entire power system within your home*. The entire production is integrated, there is no need for additional inverters.
While the S10 MINI is primarily aimed for owners of small roof areas, the S10 E is designed for large roof areas.

*extra charge necessary for motor powered emergency switch

One system for 100% energy management
The home power station S10 decentralizes energy supply. It enables you for a locally energy production in your home, energy saving and self-determination for management. Here, the S10 also acts as an energy storage on its own energy and as a control center to its versatile use.
With integrated inverter and power storage function, the S10 home power station covers not only in daily use the entire energy needs of your home. Even in the event of a power failure your current continues - while the light remains off at your neighbors who do not own a S10.

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Product category: Storage for Single and Multifamily Homes

S10 MINI house power plant

Your system for 100% energy management
The solar battery S10 MINI takes on the electricity supply in your house - and this in a compact design. Despite a small production facility can take care of himself and thus act autonomously.
The S10 MINI aimed it primarily at owners of small roof areas - for bigger roof areas of the S10 E power storage is intended.
It is through the own inverter power and secures the excess and makes this energy for individual consumption available again. By automatically detect power loss represents the S10 MINI within a fraction of a second on its own emergency power supply. The most necessary household appliances are still powered.
A leader in design and function
The S10 MINI sets standards in function and design. With compact dimensions of a by one meter and a timeless, shapely design, the PV-store fits perfectly into your home.
For simple design includes a touch display that essential functions can be easily controlled via the. All information about Solar power, battery charge level and the power supply are here easy to read, as well as the entire time series. An LED bar shows the energy management at first glance.
Modular expandability
Change your habits and thus your consumption behavior, additional batteries can be retrofitted. With the S10 MINI your own home remains future-proof and technologically up to date - you are already prepared for tomorrow.
Already available: the E-charging station for charging your wallbox type 2 capable electric vehicles.

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Product category: Storage for Single and Multifamily Homes

Quattroporte - the modular power supply UNO, DUE, MAX series

Energy storage for private, commercial and retrofitting
Modular power supply with the Quattroporte series from E3/DC
The Quattroporte-series devices are intended for flexible storage and self-consumption of self-produced electricity from PV systems and other energy sources. Due to the use of the Quattroporte series in an AC-controlled operation, the requirements for storing energy is the presence of grid-compatible alternating current. In the example of photovoltaic systems, this will be managed via an existing PV inverter. This makes the Quattroporte series especially suitable for the retrofit of existing PV systems.

The battery inverter, integrated within the AC current storage, converts the grid-compatible alternating current into direct current, which then can be stored in the batteries. If the battery is used for domestic consumption, the direct current is converted back to alternating current and distributed in the house as required.

The construction of the Quattroporte series is modular and can be adapted individually to your needs, whether as a private or a commercial customer. In every performance class and with every capacity.

The case has to be set up vertically and contains of four slots for compartments in which the individual modules of the Quattroport can be inserted next to each other and one above the other.

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About us

Company details

Experience power for your home
Energy storage systems for the automotive industry
The development of energy storage systems for the automotive industry is the origin of E3/DC.
Vehicle to grid technology was founded by E3/DC in 2010 using complete vehicles from Volkswagen.

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