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  • 06  Storage Systems
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  • 06.01.02  Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Our products

Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Battery Energy Storage System PQpluS

ABB's battery energy storage system, PQpluS helps the electricity consumers by actively managing the timing and profile of their energy usage. It reduces energy costs and makes the system more resilient while improving the overall efficiency, reliability and availability of the power system.

PQpluS is available in a wide range of power and energy ratings, making it the right choice for end users, system integrators and aggregators, as well as users with the right control system for utility scale applications. It can also be used where multiple energy sources such as wind, solar, diesel or other generators operate in parallel and where the integrator’s high level system controller coordinates the overall operation. In addition to functions of peak shaving, load levelling, power quality and back-up power support, PQpluS can be managed by third party controller to perform frequency regulation, integration of renewables and capacity firming.

 For commercial and industrial customers:
- Peak load shaving
- Back-up power
- Power quality
System integrators can integrate PQpluS with their controller and provide utility scale solution for applications such as:
- Frequency response
- Load leveling
- Spinning reserve
- Capacity firming and ramp rate control for renewable energy sources
- A compact design requires small footprint, ideal for applications where space is at a premium
- Modular design provides the pre-engineered building blocks, reducing engineering as well installation time
- Standard control algorithm for commercial and industrial applications such as peak shaving is integrated in the control system, making it autonomous
- The power quality features enhances the overall operating efficiency by reducing losses, filtering harmonics, improving power factor and performing load balancing
- User friendly interface for the operators makes it a simple device to operate and maintain

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Energy storage inverter PQstorI

PQstorI is the new generation of ABB’s energy storage inverters. PQstorI is designed to efficiently address the needs of the fast growing energy storage market for behind the meter applications such as peak shaving, back-up power, power quality, as well as utility scale applications such as load leveling, frequency response, capacity firming and integration of renewables.

PQstorI offers many benefits like flexibility, modularity and higher efficiency for energy storage applications that need world class 3-level bi-directional inverters. Loaded with enhanced power quality features like harmonics filtering, reactive power compensation and load balancing, makes it an ideal power converter for energy storage application.

Its wide range of power ratings, coupled with the flexibility to operate with any third party controller and multiple mounting options makes it an obvious choice for the system integrators and consumers looking for power storage solutions.

The operation of PQstorI is highly user-friendly, thanks to its 7-inch color touchscreen named as PQoptiM controller. ABB Ability enabled communication allows the devices to be operated and controlled via cloud-connected user platforms with real-time access of data. User can communicate through Modbus or Wi-Fi through a PC or smartphone.

- Small and medium industrial installations
- Commercial buildings
- Data server centers
- Renewable energy generating stations like solar power plants and wind farms

- Modular design, providing flexibility, reducing engineering as well as installation time
- Energy storage facility coupled with power quality features like harmonics filtering, power factor compensation and load balancing
- Operational reliability for behind-the-meter applications, due to on-board ABB controller
- Energy efficient design and operations
- Flexible mounting options
- Ability to connect to any third party controller
- User friendly operations through touchscreen HMI
- Enhanced communication abilities

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Monitoring, control, measurement and protection

Monitoring, control, measurement and protection
Monitoring, control and measurement solutions are the foundation for automating your network. They enable you to see what happens inside your network, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation anywhere and anytime.

Adding the protection applications will make sure the power flow is only interrupted when absolutely required, assuring highest reliability and quality of service for your own customers.

With the increasing amount of renewable energy resources in the grid, the need for accurate selectivity was never higher. This makes our distribution automation protection system the perfect fit for renewable integration applications.

Profit from unseen reliability, selectivity and simplicity for your grid


  • Remote monitoring, control, measurement and protection
  • Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration of Power (FDIR)
  • Low and medium voltage energy measurements with highest accuracy
  • Advances fault location information for system restoration and verification
  • Transfer-trip to prevent unwanted islanding
  • Power quality
  • Detailed power flow analysis
  • Central management of security events and user accounts 

  • Utilize existing infrastructure to its full potential
  • Accurate situational awareness within the distribution network
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce SAIDI (System average Interruption Duration Index),
  • Reduce SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index)
  •  Minimize outage time
  • Reduce non-technical losses

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

PVS800 central inverters

ABB's PVS800 central inverters are aimed at system integrators and end users who require high performance solar inverters for utility-scale PV power plants and are looking for maximum return on investment over the lifetime of the plant. The inverters are made of proven components with a long track record of performance excellence in demanding applications and harsh environments. Equipped with extensive electrical and mechanical protection, the inverters are engineered to provide a long and reliable service life of at least 20 years.

ABB central inverters provide high total performance based on high efficiency, low auxiliary power consumption, together with verified reliability and an experienced worldwide service organization. The inverters are available up to 2.08 MW, and are optimized for multimegawatt PV power plants.


  • Proven technology and reliable components
  • High efficiency and long operating life
  • Modular and compact product design
  • Extensive DC and AC side protection
  • Full grid support functionality
  • Fast and easy installation and commissioning
  • Superior serviceability and maintainability over the lifetime of the plant
  • Complete range of industrial-type data communication options, including remote monitoring
  • Life cycle service and support through ABB’s extensive global service network

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks


From 3.6 to 4.6 MW
The ABB compact skid is a compact plug-and-play solution designed for large-scale solar
power generation. It houses all the electrical equipment that is needed to rapidly connect a photovoltaic (PV) power plant to a medium voltage (MV) electricity grid. All the components within the ABB compact skid are from ABB’s product portfolio.

The ABB compact skid design capitalizes on ABB’s long experience in developing and manufacturing secondary substations for utilities and major end users worldwide in conventional power transmission installations.


  • Proven technology and reliable components
  • Compact and robust design
  • Outstanding endurance for outdoor use
  • High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC
  • High total efficiency
  • Extensive DC and AC side protection
  • Self-contained cooling system for inverters
  • Modular and serviceable system
  • Embedded auxiliary power distribution system
  • Extendable manufacturing footprint with fast deliveries
  • Global life cycle services and support
  • Transportable in HC 40 foot closed container

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