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  • 02.03  Flow Batteries
  • 02.03.01  Redox Flow Batteries
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  • 06.01  Stationary Grid-Connected Systems
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Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

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Battery Production Technologies

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Our products

Product category: Redox Flow Batteries

Redox-Flow stacks

What we offer: Redox-Flow stacks have been manufactured using the same basic principles for decades. Multiple seals, fragile plates and thick, heavy end plates make the stacks expensive, difficult to install and prone to leakage. Volterion has overcome these technical challenges through introduction of a unique roll to roll process that produces flexible plates that are welded together to form compact, reliable and low cost stacks.

Developing a high performance, low cost and reliable stack is a considerable technical challenge. Taking this through to mass production is complex and adds significant technical risk to your business. Volterion offers its customers a state-of-the-art stack produced using the seal-free Volterion manufacturing process. We enable easy scaling of flow battery production to MW scale as a leading supplier focused on development of technology around this core component.

Volterion produces its graphite plates, one of the core components of a stack, using a new roll-to-roll manufacturing process. This continuous process reduces cost and makes the Volterion graphite plates flexible. This process and the materials used make Volterion plates unique. They can be stacked and welded together to produce fully integrated stacks with a minimum of components and significantly improved reliability. As a result, our stacks are characterized by low manufacturing costs and compact dimensions.

Our stacks provide you with the ability to use many different types of electrolyte allowing stationary battery solutions to be specifically tailored to meet your application requirements.

Redox-Flow batteries are well suited to a wide range of applications and provide operational reliability and high efficiency.

Their long service life is well established and with most materials used in the battery being simple to reuse or recycle they have minimal environmental impact and low cost of ownership.

Volterion is as a B2B supplier of core components for the construction of Redox-Flow batteries. We enable easy entry into the development of this technology through a plug-and-play stack with integrated control.

Volterion’s new and patent-pending Redox-Flow stack technology finally enables cost competitive Redox-Flow batteries.

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Product category: Battery Production Technologies


In the past few years market interest in Redox-Flow batteries has started to develop rapidly. As an expert in this technology Volterion has identified the need for development of dedicated, low cost electronic control systems.

Until recently, industry standard controllers called PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) were used to manage Redox-Flow battery control. PLCs provide a flexible and expandable platform with which to control a Redox-Flow battery, but this comes at a high price. Although well suited to R&D and low volume production PLCs are not suited to the growing need of the Redox-Flow industry to reduce manufacturing costs and improve performance.

Volterion’s solution has been to develop its own microcontroller-based system in a dedicated printed circuit module. This solution combines the flexibility of a programmable device with considerably lower costs.

This system offers a decentralized control system architecture for Redox-Flow batteries. Placing the data recording and processing close to the point of measurement reduces material and assembly costs while improving reliability through reduction of cables and interconnections. With the introduction of this technology Volterion can quickly adapt prefabricated Redox-Flow battery stacks to suit customer requirements while reducing development time and costs.

Volterion is now combining these controllers with its industry leading stacks to provide the breakthrough Smart Stack System.

With controllers from Volterion, Redox-Flow battery stacks and their peripherals can be easily managed and monitored. Volterion’s control units provide developers and users with a high degree of flexibility and reliability. Volterion provides a configuration services for control units to ensure optimal performance and smooth operation of its battery stacks in combination with your preferred Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Advantages of our smart stack technology at a glance:

  • Application specific solution for Redox-Flow batteries
  • Lower cost than traditional PLCs
  • Reduced system complexity
  • Lower material costs
  • No development costs
  • Compatible with any stack

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Product category: Redox Flow Batteries

Complete system

Volterion’s Redox-Flow batteries provide significant economic and performance benefits when compared to existing stationary battery technologies. This breakthrough enables entry into new markets and makes it possible to obtain a rapid return on investment. In addition to significant cost benefits, Redox-Flow systems have a number of technical and performance advantages when compared to other stationary battery technologies:

  • More than 10,000 charge and discharge cycles
  • 20-year service life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Ability to easily and independently scalable capacity and power
  • Safety, non-flammable electrolyte
  • Low environmental impact No additional balance of plant required resulting in reduced complexity and cost
In order to demonstrate the many advantages of our technology we can provide industrial users, energy suppliers and research institutions with short-term use of a fully functional Redox-Flow Battery. These demonstration systems are ready-to-use and can be supplied with suitable invertors on request. These batteries offer a wide range of design options for configuration and adaptation to individual customer requirements.

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About us

Company details

Volterion was established in 2015 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. Based on years of research, the remit of the business is to develop and exploit its novel welding and roll-to-roll production processes to produce the company’s high-performance stacks based around our unique flexible graphite plates.

The company founders are Sascha Berthold, Thomas Gebauer and Thorsten Seipp. All three are actively engaged in the day to day management of the company and are heavily involved in the ongoing development of our technology and products.

Volterion aims to design the best and most advanced Redox-Flow stacks in the world.

Volterion has received significant recognition for its business model and innovative Redox-Flow Battery technology. Awards and prizes include:

  • Der ACHEMA Founder Award for Energy 2015
  • TU Startup Award 2016
  • The KUER Growing Business Award 2017
  • Red Herring Europe 2017 Top 100
  • Best Pitches Award – PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures

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