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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Chemical Energy Storage / Power-to-Gas
  • 03.04  Fuel Cells
  • 03.04.01  Reconversion (FC, Gas Engine, Turbine)

Reconversion (FC, Gas Engine, Turbine)

  • 06  Storage Systems
  • 06.01  Stationary Grid-Connected Systems
  • 06.01.01  Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

  • 07  Production Technologies
  • 07.02  Fuel Cell Production Technologies

Fuel Cell Production Technologies

Our products

Product category: Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

PM Module S5/S8

The modular and universal 19” Fuel Cell systems for power classes up to 8 kW in stationary applications

Typical application areas:

  • Emergency power supply:Railway infrastructure
  • Telecom/ radio stations
  • Securing critical infrastructure
  • Industry and data centres
  • Applications in combination with energy storage:Energy autonomous residential and industrial complexes
  • Re-electrification of Hydrogen produced from renewables
  • Off-grid power supply (island solutions)
  • Grid integrated solutions for emergency power or grid support

Many other applications requiring efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply are possible. Contact us!

Core technology:

At the heart of the PM Modules S5 / S8 is the PM 200 fuel cell stack with 72 or 96 cells developed by Proton Motor. All other peripheral components required for operation are optimized for stationary use and are located inside the housing. All interfaces to the operator are located on the rear side of the module; allowing a simple and quick switch of the module. Thanks to its compact system architecture and the standardized 19″ rack-design, the PM modules S5 / S8 can be integrated into any standardized industrial systems and control cabinets.

Power Ratings:

  • PM Module S5 has a nominal power of 4.7 kW and an operating range of 1 to 4.7 kW
  • PM Module S8 has a rated power of 7.8 kW and an operating range of 1.6 to 7.8 kW
The operation of several modules in staggering or parallel operation is easily possible. This allows a system to be individually designed and adapted to the power requirements of various industrial applications.

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Product category: Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

PM Module S25

Das universelle Brennstoffzellen-Modul für die Leistungsklasse bis 25 kW im stationären Einsatz

Typische Anwendungsbeispiele:

  • Notstromversorgung für:Stellwerke / Bahn-Anwendung
  • Telekommunikation / Funk-Anwendung
  • Absicherung kritischer Infrastruktur
  • Industrie und Rechenzentren
  • Anwendungen in Kombination mit Energiespeichern:Energieautarke Wohngebäude und Industrieanlagen
  • Rückverstromung von Wasserstoff aus erneuerbaren Quellen
  • Netzferne Energieversorgung (Insel-Lösung)
  • Netzgekoppelte Anlagen zur Notstromversorgung oder Netzunterstützung
Darüber hinaus sind auch viele andere Anwendungsmöglichkeiten realisierbar, in denen eine effiziente und umweltfreundliche Energieversorgung benötigt wird.

Basistechnologie: Die Basis des PM Module S25 bildet der ebenfalls von Proton Motor entwickelte PM 400 Brennstoffzellenstack mit 96 Zellen. Auch hierbei sind alle zum Betrieb notwendigen Peripheriekomponenten für den stationären Einsatz in dieser Leistungsklasse optimiert und befinden sich ebenfalls innerhalb des Gehäuses. Sämtliche Schnittstellen zum Betreiber befinden sich auf der Modulrückseite – so ist ein einfacher und schneller Wechsel des Moduls möglich. Durch kompakte Systemarchitektur kann das PM Module S25 in beliebige Kundenapplikationen eingefügt werden. Da es sich um individuell entwickelte, kundenspezifische Systeme handelt, können sie jederzeit auf neue Gegebenheiten und Anforderungen angepasst werden. Der Betrieb mehrerer Module in Staffelung oder Parallelbetrieb ist problemlos möglich. So kann eine Anlage individuell auf die Leistungsanforderungen gängiger Industrieanwendungen ausgelegt und angepasst werden.

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Product category: Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

Hybrid Solar Invertor

Economic photovoltaic – energy for private use. Automatic self-consumption optimization and secure power supply for your household

Reduce your dependency on utility companies and generate your own electricity. Solar battery storage frees you from rising energy prices and unsecure supply.
Solar battery storage is an environmentally friendly energy solution that converts solar energy into electricity and feeds it into the grid. In addition, the electricity is stored and made available as and when required.
The system works completely automatically during normal operation. All necessary control tasks are carried out independently by the hybrid inverter. In the event of a power failure, the hybrid inverter will automatically switch to the secure supply mode.

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About us

Company details

Proton Motor is Cleantech Competence

Our vision

Proton Motor Fuel Cells is a pioneer in the sector of hydrogen technology with over 20 years’ experience. We have set ourselves the goal of designing, manufacturing and assembling sustainable energy solutions for the tomorrow´s world in the stationary, mobile and maritime sectors, as well as to continuously develop them further.

With our Cleantech Competence, we enable you to develop energy-future-proof products and use state-of-the-art technologies.

Your partner for integration-ready fuel cell systems
Proton Motor Fuel Cells develops its own fuel cells and combines them with selected,tailor-made components for integration-ready fuel cell and hybrid systems. These complete solutions from a single source distinguish Proton Motor from pure system integrators. Only through this integrated approach with an optimal bundling of know-how – from the fuel cell stack to the complete hybrid solution, can we always offer you the most economical solutions.

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