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Norbert Henze

Leistungselektronik und elektrische Antriebssysteme

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Matthias Puchta

Hardware-in-the-Loop Systeme, BaSiS - Battery Simulation Studio

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Sascha Pogacar

Marketing & Kommunikation

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Product category: Research Institutes and Projects

Windenergy-Information-Data-Pool - Research Project

The acronym WInD-Pool stands for Windenergy-Information-Data-Pool. It is a common knowledge base of the wind industry. It is obvious that reliability of wind turbines and subassemblies needs to be improved. Otherwise, availability, especially for offshore application, will not reach suitable results. Improvements have to be achieved in the design of turbines as well as in the organization of maintenance. To do so, it is crucial that the experiences gained in the past will be used as efficiently as possible.

However, single wind turbine operators will possibly not be able to achieve a suitable statistical basis for thorough analyses. Even with a broad database, the breakdown in concept groups, power classes, site conditions, etc., leads to a point, where the statistical basis is becoming insufficient. The necessity for a broader database and for an appropriate data structure is obvious. One promising way is to establish a common knowledge base - the Wind Energy Information Data Pool (WInD-Pool). The WInD-Pool will be held in trust by Fraunhofer IEE. Thus, participants can benefit from each other by sharing their experience and by benchmarking within the security of a confidentiality concept and agreement.

The rationale of the WInD-pool is very easy. The so-called data providers (e.g. operators) play their operation and maintenance information in a consistent format in the WInD-Pool, which will be held in trust by Fraunhofer IEE. After testing a validation of this data –while ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of the data– standardized benchmarks and analyses will be created. Afterwards they are made available to the data providers again. If there are abnormalities or potential for optimization, detailed studies and solutions can be developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IEE and IZP Dresden.

The WInD-Pool ensures the legal validation of all involved parties by uniform cooperation agreement and creates a basis of trustworthy cooperation.The accession of other companies is always possible and essential to the success of the initiative.

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Product category: Research Institutes and Projects


Controls for large Wind and Solar Farms for maintaining transient stability in future electric grids

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Product category: Research Institutes and Projects

Wind Energy Report Germany

Fraunhofer IEE Wind Energy Report Germany describes the development of wind energy in Germany based on numerous stats and figures. Additionally, the report provides insights into the present situation of wind energy use worldwide and gives relevant background information to the latest issues in the wind energy sector. Topics covered include:

  • Wind in the renewable energy mix
  • Situation in Germany
  • Growth of wind energy worldwide
  • Grid integration
  • Wind energy feed-in 2012
  • Grid operation and grid expansion
  • Onshore
  • Technical developments
  • Wind conditions
  • Operating results Legal and financial boundary conditions
  • Offshore
  • The expansion of offshore wind energy
  • Technical developments
  • Wind conditions
  • Operating results
  • Legal and financial boundary conditions
In special reports Fraunhofer IEE scientists and guest authors elaborate on trends and main research activities. Special reports are part of the Wind Energy Report Germany since 2011. In recent years these special reports have been published:

Wind Energy Report Germany 2012
  • The Energiewende in North Hesse (Dr. Thorsten Ebert, Katharina Henke)
  • Direct marketing of wind energy (Christoph Richts)
  • Provision of system services by using wind power plants (Prof. Dr. Lutz Hofmann, Sebastian Stock, Mariano Faiello, Lothar Loewer)
  • Extended operation of wind turbines beyond their planned service lives (Jürgen Holzmüller)
  • Developments in rotor design (Dr. Arno van Wingerde)
  • Acceptance of offshore wind energy utilization (PD Dr. Gundula Hübner, Dr. Johannes Pohl)
Wind Energy Report Germany 2011
  • Wind energy utilization onshore (Dr. Stefan Bofinger)
  • Drive concepts and direct drive wind turbines (Dr. Jan Wenske)
  • Wind measurement technology (Tobias Klaas)
  • ORECCA – marine energy (Dr. Jochen Bard, Fabian Thalemann)
  • Offshore support structures (Dr. Rüdiger Ernst; Dr. Holger Huhn; Dr. Martin Kohlmeier; Prof. Dr. Raimund Rolfes; Prof. Dr. Peter Schaumann)
The publication of the Wind Energy Report Germany is part of the Scientific measurement and evaluation program for offshore wind (Offshore~WMEP) funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. A print-version of the report can be ordered in German bookstores or direct from Fraunhofer Verlag

An English version of the report is available for free download on

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About us

Company details

Institute Profile

The Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE in Kassel researches for the national and international transformation of energy supply systems. It has established itself in the fields of energy and energy system technology.

We develop solutions for technical and economic challenges in order to further reduce the costs of using renewable energies, to secure the supply despite volatile generation, to ensure grid stability at the usual high level and to make the business model of the energy transition a success.

Business units and business fields

Energy economics
•    analysis and consulting for energy economics
•    energy meteorology information systems
•    virtual power plants
•    wind resource assessment with LiDAR
•    training and knowledge transfer

Energy system technology
•    grid planning and operation
•    power electronis and device technology
•    hardware in the loop systems
•    decentralized energy management
•    systems engineering
•    measuring and testing 

•   energy management and system design
•   energy meteorology and renewable resources
•   energy informatics
•   energy process technology
•   power grids
•   components and plant technics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE in Kassel was established in 2018 from the energy system technology branch of Fraunhofer IWES.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES had two main thematic areas, wind energy (northwest) and energy system technology (Kassel). It was established in 2009 as a merger of the former Fraunhofer Center for Wind Energy and Maritime Engineering CWMT in Bremerhaven and the Institute for Solar Energy Technology ISET founded 1988 in Kassel.

Since its founding in 2009, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES had grown to almost 600 employees. As part of their strategic development and alignment, both divisions of the institute have developed largely independent profiles. The Executive Board and Senate of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have therefore decided to continue the branches of the institute as independent institutes as of January 2018. For customers and industry partners, the sharpening of the profile will facilitate a clear allocation of activities.

The Fraunhofer IWES Northwest, headquartered in Bremerhaven, will continue to operate under the abbreviation IWES and the slightly altered institute name Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES. It has established itself as an industry institute for the validation of wind turbine technology, among other things. It has an accredited and certified test infrastructure, its own test field and well-founded methodological expertise concerning test methods.  

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