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  • 04.01  Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

Our products

Product category: Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

SkelMod 51V Module

The SkelMod 51V 177F ultracapacitor module packs a lot of power in a small package. It's based on our SkelCap ultracapacitors with extremely low ESR, which makes it possible for SkelMod 51V 177F to be used with minimal cooling. 

SkelMod 51V 177F has multiple applications and our customers use it in for example:

  • Hybrid and electric buses
  • Forklifts and AGVs in material handling
  • Heavy transportation
But the versatility of the SkelMod 51V module makes it ideal for use in a number of industries and applications including rail voltage stabilization and rail propulsion systems, regenerative power systems, and many more.

  • 51 V DC nominal voltage
  • Ultra-low ESR
  • Long lifetime - 1 million duty cycles
  • Integrated ultracapacitor management systems for effective cell balancing
  • Natural cooling
  • High power output
  • IP65 protection

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Product category: Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

SkelMod 170V 53F Ultracapacitor Module

The SkelMod 170V 53F ultracapacitor module is ideal for applications such as heavy electric transportation, rail applications, drivetrains, pulse power supply, regenerative power and peak assistance in power grids and industrial applications, powering UPS solutions, and even fusion reactors and hadron colliders.

The SkelMod 170V 53F module can offer long lifetime in addition to extremely low ESR. All modules come standard with CAN bus communication, Dynamic Active Cell Balancing, and IP66 Protection. Custom power and signal connectors, communication formats, and mounting racks are also available.

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Product category: Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

SkelMod 102V Module - High Power Comes in Small Packages

SkelMod 102V 88F ultracapacitor module is a powerful and compact solution for a variety of applications. It's based on the patented SkelCap ultracapacitor cells that provide the highest power density and energy density on the market.

The SkelMod 102V module packs a lot of power in a small space. General applications are for example peak power supply, voltage stabilization, load leveling, and frequency regulation.

The module can be invaluable in automated production lines and grid applications, and can be used to level loads in renewable energy production. It is also perfectly suited to for example rollercoasters and other amusement park equipment, so it is a highly adaptable ultracapacitor module for a multitude of uses.

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About us

Company details

Skeleton Technologies brand values
Ever since we first started developing our graphene-based ultracapacitors in 2009, we have been steadfast in our aim to change the energy storage industry. Today, our SkelCap ultracapacitors, based on patented “curved graphene” represent the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years.

For us, developing and producing the best ultracapacitor cells, modules, and systems in the world is means to an end: helping companies save energy. Ultracapacitors excel where other energy storage technologies fail and this gives us the opportunity to help companies that otherwise might not be able to hybridize or electrify their businesses.

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