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Energy Storage Europe 2019 hall map (Hall 8b): stand C15

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Energy Storage Europe 2019 fairground map: Hall 8b

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Electrical Energy Storage
  • 04.01  Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

  • 06  Storage Systems
  • 06.01  Stationary Grid-Connected Systems
  • 06.01.02  Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

  • 06  Storage Systems
  • 06.02  Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems

Our products

Product category: Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

Ultracapacitor Grid Stabilizer (UGS)

The Ultracapacitor Grid Stabilizer combines the STATCOM capabilities of an IGBT-power converter with active power support based on high-power Maxwell ultracapacitors. The UGS can provide voltage and frequency stabilization in transmission or distribution networks with high renewable penetration.

Respecting all relevant grid code requirements the Ultracapacitor Grid Stabilizer allows the operator to provide a number of grid support services and harvest multiple value streams:

Active power injection within 20ms

Fast Frequency Response (FFR)
Providing FFR to stabilize system frequency

Dynamic Reactive Response (DRR)
Reactive current response to compensate voltage dips

Harmonic filtering
Filtering of harmonics based on ultra-fast IGBT-switching

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Product category: Super Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors

Ultracapacitor UPS System

The Ultracapacitor UPS System provides short-term back-up power and can mitigate process disruptions from frequency or voltage dips based on ultra-fast detection of grid events and successive injection of active or reactive power. The Ultracapacitor UPS System can provide transition power up to 30 seconds until a longer-term back-up source like diesel generator is up and running, thus replacing lead-acid batteries with their limited life expectancy.

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

MSC Solar

MSC Solar is a hybrid power converter for solar farms based on the „Multi Source Concept“. An energy storage system can be connected to the DC-link of the power converter, thus reducing installation costs and achieving a higher level of system integration in solar + storage projects.

The MSC Solar power converter can also provide reactive power compensation for dynamic grid voltage control.

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About us

Company details

FREQCON is one of the leading German manufacturers of power converters and control systems for renewable energy systems and energy storage applications.

The family-owned company was founded in 1988 and trades as Freqcon GmbH since 2005. Freqcon is one of the pioneering companies of the modern wind turbine industry, introducing full-scale power converters to the market almost 30 years ago.

Freqcon`s power converter and control systems allow efficient and reliable grid integration of wind turbines and energy storage systems. We provide solutions for grid-connected systems as well as island grid systems. Our products cover the whole range from kW-size to Multi-MW-systems. Beside our standard product portfolio we also offer customer-specific solutions according to your project requirements.

Freqcon has a strong focus on research & development and co-operates with a number of universities and research institutes from all over the world.

Our products are deployed world-wide in applications with 45 GW installed capacity. Have a look at our website and find further information about us and our products and services.

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