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Product category: Off-Grid Systems

245w Steca Studer Rolls 12v off-grid system

Small 12v off-grid system with:

  • Axitec 245w panel
  • Steca Solarix 2010 MPPT Charge Controller
  • Studer AJ 500-12 Inverter
  • Rolls 4000 30H120 12v battery
  • NH1 Fusebox Jean Mueller
  • NH1 Fuse 250a
  • battery cable
  • 100m PV cable 6mm
  • Combiner BOX MCB

Small off-grid system components. Ideal 12v system for a camper van, caravan, or shed. Quality, reliable components.

Please phone 0333 444 7655 for a full quote with shipping. Additional components such as wiring and breakers available.

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Product category: Off-Grid Systems

Western W-Light 20 12V Irradiation Group 3 Angle 30° PV Street Lamp

LED luminaries for road and street lighting, low voltage direct current 12Vdc power supply.

Street-lamp for public roads, 20W high efficiency LEDs, 2030 lumens. incl. lamp holder, lamp bracket, module mounting structure, MPPT solar charge controller with time program function, top-of-pole mont battery box, fixed angle 30°, 100Wp module, 120Ah sealed battery (no pole)

The PV street-lamp is dimensioned to work with programmed turning ON up to 12 hours per night with reduced luminous flux and autonomy of 4 days in case of NO SUN condition. WESTERN CO. PV street-lamp must be composed of :

  • Crystalline PV module
  • Charge controller - light sensor working with time bands through PV module sensor with timed turning off programmable by n° 4 internal switches
  • Control electronics for LED with flux reduction
  • Pb sealed batteries without maintenance
  • UV kit of cables
  • Steel top-of-pole mounting structure with side opening battery box with fixed tilt (according to the latitude of installation - section 3 of this technical description)
  • LED luminaire (power indicated in the section 10 of this technical description)
  • Lamp-bracket

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Product category: Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid 48v DC BTS - 14kW PV & 173kWh Battery

Off-grid 48v VDC / 230 VAC power supply for telecommunication Base Transceiver Station (BTS) systems.

In order to substantially reduce the OPEX (operating expense) of BTS systems that currently run solely off diesel generators, Off-Grid Europe have designed a modular system using Schneider Electric control gear.

High level of redundancy
A modular approach to the design of BTS systems ensures that if a component fails, the entire system is not brought down with it. Preparing for the worst is not only operationally sound, but financially prudent. For this reason, this system features four solar arrays of 3.5kW each and three battery banks of 57.6kWh each. Depending on location, it is easy to increase the amount of solar arrays, battery banks or generator chargers to suit local constraints.

Significant ROI
With the likelihood of off-grid BTS systems being in hard-to-reach locations, the supply of diesel can often be problematic and more importantly, expensive. Significant reducing diesel usage can give an ROI of 2-4 years depending on location and cost of diesel.

High Quality Components
Schneider Electric is a leading supplier of hardware in the energy management market. Rolls AGM batteries are known for their resilience and resistance to heat and fast discharge.

Flexible Grounding
The requirement for positive grounding of BTS systems is easily accomplished with Schneider Electric equipment.

Remote Satellite Monitoring & Control
The ability to monitor and control remote BTS systems is crucial to ensuring network operation and stability. Off-Grid Europe include a data connection to a global satellite network. Bypassing the local GSM network allows access regardless of the network status. In case of critical failure of the entire system, an automatic transfer switch can be remotely controlled to start and connect the genset directly to the BTS.

Five Year Phone Support
When buying a BTS power supply from Off-Grid Europe, we include five years of phone support to diagnose and solve any problems that may arise.

56x Innotech 250W Polycrystalline solar panels
4x Schneider Electric XWMPPT80600 Charge Controller
2x Schneider Electric XW454823050 Inverter/Charger
72x Rolls AGM S2-1275AGM 2V batteries
Schneider Power Distribution Panel
Schneider Monitoring and Control Hardware
Aluminium Ground Mounting Frame
Automatic Transfer Switch
Satellite Data Connection

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About us

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Who we are

We, the Off-Grid Europe team, are experts in off-the-grid energy systems from renewable energy sources, mainly solar PV, and innovate new products.

We design and develop off-grid systems with quality components to use in various applications; from critical infrastructure to every day energy supply in remote locations. Along with our services we do extensive research and development in the field of energy monitoring, storage and distribution. As a result, we’ve developed our own monitoring and control system: the Off-Grid Controller. The Off-Grid Controller monitors and controls off-grid energy systems worldwide. Easily installed, it can greatly expand the understanding and functionality of existing or newly installed off-grid system.

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