SFC Energy introduces new fuel tank size

MT60 for even longer autonomy of industry and security applications

© SFC Energy AG

EFOY Pro OilGas © SFC Energy AG

- New MT60 tank holds a volume of 60 l
- One tank contains an energy capacity of up to 66 kWh
- Customers can select between 4 tank sizes (5, 10, 28, and 60 l)

SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has added a new 60 l tank to their EFOY fuel cartridge portfolio. The new tank features SFC Energy’s proprietary security valve. The tank was specifically developed for off-grid and back-up industry applications.

“We created this fuel tank specifically for customers who require even longer autonomy for their off-grid systems”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Many applications in the oil & gas, off-shore, wind industry and many security and surveillance systems have to work reliably over 6 to 12 months without a single user intervention. The MT60 is an important prerequisite for this.”

An EFOY Pro Duo fuel cell can be installed with a total of four MT60 tanks. Those 240 l fuel contained in these tanks have a capacity of 264 kWh. This is enough to operate a 100 W consumer (e.g. transmitter, sensor or surveillance systems) for 110 days without any user attendance.

The new MT60 comes with the identical security features of all EFOY fuel cartridges. It is compatible with all 2nd generation EFOY Pro fuel cells.

Just like all EFOY fuel cartridges the new MT60 tank is certified and approved for transport by air, sea and road. Starting November, the new MT60 tank will be available at all certified SFC Energy distributors and retail partners.

Source: SFC Energy AG