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Fast EV charging and battery energy storage solutions in Bratislava


This innovative infrastructure consists of two EV Chargers and one is from Delta Fast EV Charger, with capacity of 50 kW currently, but scalable up to 150kW and a BESS that can store 52 kWh of energy and dispense up to 60 kW of power to efficiently manage its impact on the electricity grid
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Storage as fourth pillar of the energy system


The German Energy Storage Association (BVES) is the leading authority for the interests of energy storage companies from all sectors and industry areas. It has been a partner of Messe Düsseldorf and the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE since the very beginning.
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Hydrogen becomes economical


ESE partner H-TEC Systems is a research and production company of the GP JOULE Group. Since its foundation in 1997, it has been working on the research and development of products in the field of hydrogen technology
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Hydrogen as coupling element


Most people understand the topic of "energy turnaround" as the use of sun and wind to generate electricity. However, in order to achieve the energy turnaround, the switch to renewable energies must be successful in all sectors. Sector coupling is when renewable electricity can also be used in other sectors.
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Intermediate storage of renewable energies


A new energy storage system based on dual-ion battery technology
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Companies are planning an artificial island for wind power


An artificial North Sea island shall supply us with wind energy
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EWE is planning the world‘s largest battery


EWE is planning to build a battery storage facility with a capacity of 120 megawatt
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Biofuels reduce soot emissions from aircraft


DLR/NASA flight experiment confirms
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Ceramic pellets store heat in CSP systems


DLR has developed a solution by which small ceramic pellets are directly heated by the solar field of a CPS power plant
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Alternative fuels, low-emission gas turbines and air conditioning for electric cars


Carbon dioxide-neutral fuels are an important next step on the road to climate-friendly energy supply
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